The mirror in the bedroom

Where and how to place a mirror in the bedroom?Mirrors in bedroom

The mirror makes the room lighter, more solemn and more luxurious. In addition, the mirror can not influence the geometry of the visual space, visually extending and lifting it, pushing the walls and creating the illusion of extra space. This is important for the bedroom if the room is not enough big. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere you can not do without a mirror in the bedroom, because the reflective surfaces make the atmosphere a little bit mysterious and magical.

If you decide to decorate the bedroom with mirrors, do not overdo it. A large number of mirror surfaces effect on a person not too favorable: there appears some confusion and concern.

Constantly see yourself in the mirror from all sides and all angles are not so nice. First, a person begins to constantly distracted by his reflection, what prevents him to relax or concentrate on something. Second, person starts to pay attention to his disadvantages, which also does not help to improve mood (mostly refers to a female).

Thus, the mirrors should not be too much in the bedroom. A person lying or sitting in bed should be possible to turn around and should not see his reflection. It is not necessary to hang a large mirrors on walls on both sides of the bed. Also mirror or ceilings are not very useful in the bedroom. Let’s talk about where and how to place a mirror in the bedroom.

The mirror in the bedroom is only for a beauty

Mirrors in the bedroom can perform only a decorative function, they hang in such places that it will be difficult to see yourself in it. In this case. The mirror will reflect the light and part of the opposite wall and create the right atmosphere and the desired effects. The form of mirrors and framing will also serve as a decorative purpose. All this applies to such a popular designer reception as the mirror design of the head of the bed.Mirror in the bedroom

You can hang a couple of small mirrors at the head of the bed or just a large one, but very effective.

You may do the whole wall mirror at the headboard. Here large mirror surfaces are secure to perceive, because being in bed man does not see his reflection.

You can decorated any other wall of the bedroom with a hanging mirror. Blank walls do not add comfort, and the mirror can eliminate this gap and visually enlarge the room.

If you want to visually expand a room you should give preference to the big wide mirror.

The mirror in the bedroom: mirrored dresser

Dressing table is a beautiful, touching and very valuable for most women a piece of furniture. It is associated with the past, and therefore contributes to the interior of the vintage tone.Mirrors in the bedroom

The presence of mirrored dresser in the bedroom makes it soft and feminine.

If you want to reduce the influence of the feminine in the bedroom, choose a minimalist dresser with rectangular mirror.

Oval and round mirror creates the opposite effect and makes the interior softer and more elegant.

For the bedroom in a modern style, and in the Baroque and glamor style it is perfect furniture with mirror effect.

If you don’t have enough space for a dressing table or do not want to put it in, you can use another method: hang mirrors over bedside tables or nightstands.

It turns out beautifully, if you have two nightstands, over which mirrors hung symmetrically. There are appropriate creative mirrors: they can be rectangular, square, round, oval, polygonal, in the form of the sun. You can even make a «mirror gallery» by hanging in rows same small mirrors.

A full-length mirror in the bedroomMirrors in the bedroom

It is a necessity of the presence of a large mirror in which you can see yourse in a full-length. Frame can be hung on the wall at the level of human growth. If space permits (and it will not need a lot), you can buy a floor mirror psyche. This option is useful because the place for a mirror in the room can be changed. This floor mirror is perfect for bedrooms baroque, classicism, Vintage, Shabby Chic styles.

Large and heavy mirror that puts to the wall is ideal for the bedroom in any style — from vintage to ultra modern. This floor mirror is less convenient because it requires free space at the wall. In addition, these mirrors are heavy and difficult to carry.

The mirror in the bedroom: a mirrored closet

Closet with mirror doors is great for large bedroom. It is obtained particularly striking if the mirrored closet built into a niche. In this case, the closet is not above the wall, and merges with it. This avoids cluttering the space effect by heavy object. In this case mirrored doors of the closet turn into the mirror bedroom wall.Mirrors in the bedroom

You can buy a small mirrored closet with opening doors. In any case, it will significantly increase the amount of light in the room, visually enhance it and allow you to see yourself in full view.

Counting cabinet size for a bedroom, consider the recommendation of designers: furniture should not take more than 45-50% of the floor space, otherwise it will be ugly and very uncomfortable. Therefore, we first advise you to choose a bed, consider its size, and then to calculate the size of the future closet, vanity and nightstands. If the bedroom is large, it is necessary to order closet with the length from wall to wall, from corner to corner, that he was not acting element.

The mirror in the bedroom for feng shui

If the bed is reflected in a mirror, the soul leaves the body during sleep, rests in its reflection according to the teachings of Feng Shui. This leads to nightmares, restless and superficial dreams. People just not getting enough sleep and their bodies are not getting proper rest. In addition, during sleep negative Qi should to leave the body, but the mirror it reflects and returns it back.

It is very important — the bed should not reflecte in the mirror. For example, the mirrors can safely decorate the wall behind the bed, but the feng shui experts do not advise to do the mirrored wall at the head, because it’s definitely not good feng shui.

If the bed is reflected in the mirror, just close it for the night. For example,you can do this by curtain cloth. If you have a mirror case in the bedroom, you can make beautiful drapes curtains for it and close mirror before bedtime.

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