Stained glass in the interior

Stained glass is not only decorative element, but often a work of art that can transform or organically complement any interior. It charms the play of color during the day, sparkling and shimmering in the sun like jewels. Fascinates pearly light in the evening twilight, create an atmosphere of mystery and charm. All variety of stained glass can not be described. Each is unique and unique stained glass, and modern technology allows to create almost any kind of fantasy in stained glass and it greatly expands the scope of application. We produce all types of stained glass that will adorn your home. Our artists develop original sketches in different manners: from classic to hi-tech, according to your wishes, way of lighting and the overall architectural concept.

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Tiffany techniqueStained  glass flowers

Offers a truly inexhaustible expressiveness, allowing you to create images of any complexity. Allows you to make stained glass, not just repeating a flat surface, but the radius and arc-shaped convex and concave design.

Its name, this method of creating images received on behalf of the American jeweler Louis Comfort Tiffany, who in the 19th century introduced a new technology to build a picture of stained glass. He developed not only the technique, which virtually unchanged to this day has come, but also invented several new types of glass. Technology to create images with this technique is that each piece of glass that make up the picture, create the desired shape, it is wrapped copper tape and sealed with the other elements of stained glass. Fixing is carried out by spikes on both sides with tin solder. The final stage involves the manufacture of stained glass cover its patina. This technique can be used to create interior partitions, closets, ceilings, exterior glazing window openings, more minimal decor, such as vases, candle holders, coasters. Elements of lighting, wall lamps, table lamps, nightlights, etc, etc.

 Film technique of stained glassTiffani

Simulates soldered stained visually, but fundamentally different technology. The basis of a solid surface and a drawing. Instead of using different pieces of glass film of various colors. The palette is very rich choice of colors and textures simulate the difference. The film secured the lead tape, as a variety of colors.

Sand blasting

Surface Technology, which results in a matte and semi-product. Can be used as a basis mirrors and glass of different colors, depending on the client’s requirement. Technology provides great opportunities to create the picture, with virtually no restrictions detail. These can be large abstract shapes ornamental compositions or plant and animal motifs, from a few meters to a few centimeters can be the size of the work.


Elements of glass refracted at 45 ° edge. This may be the details, but there may be a complex pattern. Used in the technology and the technology of tiffany pseudo stained glass. Looks very nice with the lighting or daylight or artificial.

AerographyPrint on the glass

The application of color on the surface. We also may use mirrors, glass and acrylics. Airbrushing can be of several types slozhnosti.Nachinaya a painting in one or more colors and finishing artwork with more naturalistic detail.


Sintering and baking glass at high temperatures. This technology also allows you to create a wide range of works. Starting from the minimum of decorative elements and accessories to ready the interior. Watches, ashtrays, dishes, coasters.

Also often used combined technology. Glass painting together with the assembly made Tiffany. Or airbrush using lead strip of film technology applications, or, by another name, psevdovitrazha. Very often, in the above mentioned techniques used fyuzingovye details.

Photo printing on glass and mirrorsStained glass

Photo printing on glass and mirrors used in the decoration of many products, such as — glass walls and doors, making stained glass, glass tables, glass and mirror elements wardrobes, glass aprons for kitchen, fluted glass, etc.

This technology makes it possible to personalize any of your interior.

Photo printing on glass technology is a direct application of any full color image on the surface of the glass, which are resistant to fading, moisture and agrecsivnoy environment. Printing is as glossy and matte on the surface of the glass or mirror. Printing technology allows application image using white. The image can be flat or three-dimensional. Three-dimensional image is mainly used for printing on glass stained glass.

Photo printing on glass is processing technology allows you to create an image on glass photographic quality.

Decorative layer is under the glass and is not subject to mechanical and chemical damage and pollution.

Manufacturing labor aprons kitchen wallPhotoprint

Art glass, as an alternative to tiles for kitchen wall decoration labor used in the interior, called the apron kitchen glass. This solution is in the interior design kitchen, on the one hand allows you to clean the kitchen working wall of dirt as required by any glass cleanser and at the same time for the kitchen apron of the glass can be formed, the chosen pictures, the technology printing on glass. Apron Kitchen glass — is a good solution a kitchen, with a practical and aesthetic point of view. Apron kitchen glass, give the kitchen interior aesthetics of modern design and will be a good solution to the issue of protection of the working wall. It’s no secret that working wall kitchen — area from countertops to wall units, are particularly susceptible to contamination, and needs to be protected materials that can be easily cleaned without damage. In addition, the glass is easy to clean, it is an environmentally friendly material that is important for the kitchen. Manufacturing technology of glass art by printing on glass, is also completely harmless to health technology. Apron Kitchen glass installed after complete installation of furniture and placement of appliances, as you need to make accurate measurements of cutouts outlet, ratings for towels and other suspension components, and to evaluate all the features of mounting glass panels. Given the characteristics of installation, shape and size of the glass panels, whether for an apron or tempered glass is usually chosen method of fixing the glass panels to the wall: In the first case, when the kitchen apron of glass glued to a working wall fasteners not, but there should be a wall accordingly well prepared. Choose image, photo, fine art print on the glass can be in our image collection. To print on the glass can be used pictures or photos of customers, but in this case the image in electronic form should be of high quality.