Mirrors in your house

Today, the art of the mirrors in the room takes new life: the designers realized that the surface is capable of reflecting the surrounding reality. This is a powerful tool in solving problems such as the shortage of meters, the inconvenience of planning and other architectural deficiencies of the home.Mirrors in your house

Undoubtedly, the mirror is like no other piece of furniture makes it possible to distribute the light and its reflection, and thus significantly broaden the visual scope of the room to create the illusion of infinite space. Mirrors can be placed in any of the functional areas of the apartment. The main thing — to follow the simple rules and do not overdo it with reflective surfaces.

Thus, in the hallway mirror is usually placed close to the front door, and then directly on it, thus increasing the space entrance area is usually very modest. If the corridor is narrow offensively, better to hang a mirror on the side wall — so he at least visually expand. In this case indispensable closets with mirrored doors. If you place them next to each other and highlight the top and side light, the feeling that the walls make way.

A mirror can be a harmonious part of the core of meaning and even the interior of any room, and give it a complete charm. Catch the reflection of the holiday table, candles, Christmas tree — and good humor abound. Designers should be placed in the living room with a mirror hung high slope (at about 2/3 the height), circular or horizontally elongated shape. Framing mirrors must comply with the spirit of the whole room and take account of their «neighbors» — paintings, prints, murals, carpets. By the way, right next to a picture of a mirror is better not to hang up, but on the background of the carpet, it will look on the contrary, advantageous.Mirrored house

Today more and more popular is the use of the interior rooms not one but several mirrors. For example, designers adore reception called «storyboards» — is when placed near 4.2 large vertical or square mirror or several mirrors elongated, «clad» in one frame. Appointment of mirror designs — not an accurate representation of reality, but to create a new image of the room, the unusual effects associated with the refraction of light. Mirrors always a little confusing, cause see the space, which is actually not. Under the guidance of the designer they are able to completely change the visual appearance and size of the room, break the straightness of lines: narrow is wide, low — high, pale — bright and dull — mysterious. Achieve spectacular kaleidoscopic possible and with the help of small mirrors of unusual shape — round, triangular, diamond-shaped.

Designers continue to argue about whether or not to make a mirrored ceiling. On the one hand, ever see yourself upside down unnaturally, on the other — for the apartments with low ceilings, this is the best way to get rid of the oppressive feeling of the concrete slab above the head. If you are afraid to mirror the entire ceiling, try to spice it up with a few mirror inserts.

Mirror is unthinkable without a frame, and here for the design imagination begins this expanse. Perhaps, at the height of fashion today mirror whose frame is a unit with a reflective surface, just another processed glass, say, blasting method or screen printing. The plane itself is also subject to the mirror design experiments: it strongly rascherkivayut, sprayed and «sostarivayut» give color, use the reflective properties of sheet metal. However, the ever popular are the mirrors in wooden frames — of oak or walnut with a minimum of decoration and gilt interior give respectability.Mirror

Mirrors are good for all apartments and offices, but especially justified experiments with reflective surfaces in a small room with few windows. In this situation, the mirror, literally, makes the interior: a miser catches the light and generously fills his living area. However, in order to mirror «work», it should be hung in the right place. Remember, it is not necessary to place a mirror there, where direct sunlight from overheating, it quickly fade. The golden rule is «Wonderland» can be stated as: just mirror must  shine, but the fact that it reflects.

Mirror is not only piece of furniture in the hause and irreplaceable thing, but also the object wrapped in mysticism. It is not just pushing the wall of the house from the inside and creates new perspectives, but, in the language stilted, reveals the secret symmetry of the universe. So the choice of mirrors and installation designers are advised to approach not only the mind but also the soul, listening carefully to your inner voice. And the ancient teachings of Feng Shui when choosing mirrors requires follow some rules.

The first thing that you need to pay attention is the general state of the mirror. It is believed that only a completely new mirror can improve the psychological climate in the family, as it does not carry any negative information. Mirror, as inheritance, can also be placed in the house, but on the condition that his previous owners and were worthy of your favorite people. And, of course, it is better not to use the cracked mirror — old experience of Feng Shui that the map of reality «defective» provokes quarrels.

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