How to choose a mirrored chest

In addition to your mirrored furniture you can buy mirrored chest. External chest likes a something between a wardrobe and a bedside table. It successfully combines the best features of their quality. Comfortable dimensions and a variety of options it resembles a bedside table but competes with wardrobe by capacity.

Design characteristics of mirrored chestsMirrored chest

Classic chest consists of four longitudinal boxes, one above the other. On top mounted table top which is convenient to put the various necessary items.

There are many embodiments of chest. Some boxes are divided into sectors of different sizes and hidden behind doors. The top drawer may be absent, but instead are shelves.

Tabletop can be used in different ways. When you attach the mirror chest turns into a console mirror. If you’ll add the bumpers on the edges you’ll get penile table. The presence of small drawers and attached at the edges of chest wall turns chest into the antique secretary or bureau.

This way you can pick the specific needs of chest.

The materials wich used to make mirrored chests

In mass production it is widely used chipboard medium density — MDF and particleboard. It is better to give preference to the chest of MDF, as in the manufacture of these plates shall not apply toxic glue in chipboard.

Chests of higher class is made of valuable types of wood: pine, walnut, oak. They look more representative and solid of course, but are more expensive.

You can choose a much more democratic in price and design variants modernistic chests. They fit perfectly into the modern, even «high-tech» interiors. This will Chests of bright colors, covered with laminated or glare matte finish. In their design often used glass and metal parts in the form of inserts, angles, rods, fancy pens, etc.

The entire surface of the chest or partially covered by mirrors. This turns it into an original piece of furniture.

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The mirrored chests in the interiorHow to choose mirrored chest

Ceilings. In a room with a low ceiling and tall narrow mirrored chest will bring the necessary visual vertical. By contrast, under a 3-meter wide and low ceilings give the space a sense of chest solidity.

Corners. Often, even in small rooms is a problem of empty corner. To solve this problem is usually using a cabinets and, thus, further cluttering the room. The best solution seems chest. He does not press of its size, and holds things no less than other furniture.

TV. When choosing chest as the location for TV, you can go two ways.

First is vintage. Chest purchased with a wide top and a television set on her.

The second way is modern. Chest transformed into a console table. TV on the wall, and a long narrow chest on legs is beneath him. Better if the boxes will be few and small.

Then all multimedia accessories — DVD-Player, 3D-glasses, drives — cleaned inside. The TV spot is not cluttered, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

Kitchen. To buy chest in the kitchen today it is not accepted. However, if the judge, then the kitchen furniture except hanging lockers, and there are adapted chest.

Choose the best chest that best matches the common design of the kitchen. In the kitchen the chest should be sloping angles and reliable coverage of a strong film, several layers of varnish or paint.

Almost in every room chest finds good use. In this case, it does not burden the interior, and its variety of benefits. Chest easily rearranged. They can visually zonirovat space without compromising the brightness of the room. No one will stumble of chest as of bedside table.

Signs of a good mirrored chestSigns of a good mirrored chest

  • Boxes at move closers smoothly and quietly.

  • The minimum thickness of the back wall — 6mm. The thicker it is, the more reliable. Thick rear wall does not bend under the weight of loaded boxes.

  • Boxes tightly abut the rear wall.

  • Between the front drawer in the closed position there is not even the smallest gaps and crevices.

  • All surfaces are carefully machined, without rough edges and chips. In wooden chests observed texture and natural pattern in all panels.

  • In conclusion, we present two indisputable advantages over other types of chest furniture designed for storage.

  • You can always find chest that is perfect for the possibility of family members. So, children, the elderly and people just low to use it much more convenient than a wardrobe. Ergonomics fully drawers provides easy and secure access.

Finally, a variety of models is impressive mirrored chests. But even if you do not have to pick up in the stores, you can order it in a workshop production. And it will be a unique mirrored chest, which contains all the necessary functions. The more that is conducive to constructive simplicity furniture creation. You only need a clear understanding of the world’s best chest.