Mirrored vanity

From ancient times, mirrored vanities are an integral part of any woman’s bedroom. In the old days they were used not only for titivation but for washing.

Today, a mirrored vanity is a favorite place where women can apply makeup, do hair and styling, to care for face.

Why women like mirrored vanity

Vanity with mirror  is a very practical piece of furniture, which moreover is an excellent decoration. Its elegant appearance makes the room in a luxurious boudoir, where you can perform cosmetic procedures.

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Dressing table is very functional. It has easy-to-surface and is equipped with multiple drawers that can accommodate all the necessary things for women: cosmetics, lotions, combs, hairpins, jewelry, accessories and other small items. A vanity top can decorate expensive perfume in beautiful jars. Also mirrored vanities feature with large mirrors that play a special role in the process of care.Mirrored vanity

How to choose a mirrored vanity

Mirrored vanity can be made of different materials. Usually it is based on wood and metal elements. Now in stores you can find a variety of tables designs, colors and shapes, so you can choose the perfect option for any decor from classic to high-tech.

The shapes of mirrored vanity can be divided into several types.

To the first type belong the classic vanities, resembling a normal table with mirror, fixed on top. They come equipped with drawers and bedside tables for storage of various women’s gizmos.Mirrored vanity

The second type is trellis, in which the table is equipped with tricuspid mirror. The central part has a strict lock and side flaps are flexible and can vary the angle of viewing. Trellis is very convenient because they allow you evaluate the appearance, hairstyle or outfit not only in front, but the side or rear. This feature is especially useful when you’re doing your hair.

And the third type is dressing table, that is a table with a large high mirror, almost in full view. At the same time dressing table can be small as well as large. As a kind of dressing tables can also be (as an option) with a folding mirror. Table’s countertop can rise and on the inner side of it there is the fixed mirror. Thus, it hides inside and takes up little space and do not collect the dust.Mirrored vanity

Mirrored vanity in the interior

The role of the boudoir in a modern apartment usually has a bedroom, so the mirrored vanity are usually installed here. It is very convenient and practical. However it can also be installed in other rooms. For example, in the dressing room, especially if there is a window. Sometimes the tables set in the halls, on the condition that they are spacious and well-lit. A lot of women used to paint in the bathroom, unfortunately you are not able to install vanity here.Mirrored vanity

Location for the mirrored vanity you should choose closer to the window. Sunlight will help you to see the smallest nuances, and in the morning you can create a beautiful natural makeup. If this is not possible you can place it against the wall, but then you always have to do extra lights — sconces on either side of the mirror or lamp.