Mirrored side table

A mirrored side table can be many things to many people but one thing is for sure, it will always be the focal point and centre of any room or space. Mirrored pieces of furniture can be as simple or as complicated as you wish but whatever style you choose you are guaranteed to end up with a sparkling statement which will complement any colour or theme. The decision to add a mirrored side table to your collection of furniture is also an investment and one which will never go out of style. Chose your piece carefully and it will fit into future room themes and slot effortlessly into any room in your house in place of any usual side table, be it in the bedroom, lounge or formal sitting room.Mirror side table

Mirrored furniture adds a dimension to a room unlike any other piece of furniture for many reasons, not least because of its ability to bounce and reflect rays of light, natural or artificial, around in all directions. Plain and simple designs with smooth surfaces and no or few angles have a very contemporary and modern feel about them. Their very plainness is an advantage as they blend into any decor yet leap out at the merest hint of glinting illumination. A plain surface like this is the very thing to place any objects on that you want to draw to the attention of guests, as the beauty of the item is reflected twofold. In addition, they can simply be used in place or in conjunction with other mirrored objects without feeling too overpowering.

Faceted or angled mirrored side tables have more of a traditional feel and can echo a bygone era for example, art deco styles. Facets or angles can be as simple as an edge to the table, or down the dull length of the table`s legs. Different faces of mirror glass have a real ability to reflect so much more light than a plain surface. This is especially noticeable in flickering candle light or by the subtle hues of light cast down by wall and table lamps.

Another addition to classic types of glass tables tend towards the etched styles. Etching is a delicate process where patterns or artworks, sometimes floral and classic or modern designs, are cut into the surface of the glass by the use of acidic or caustic materials. This process is an old technique, but has proved eternally popular.

Apart from their ability to bring a spark to dark or dull spaces within a room, mirrored side tables can also pick up patterns, for example in wall paper or latticework in a wooden piece of furniture. They can reflect colours and the glass itself can sometimes be coloured or smoked for an ultra contemporary effect.Mirrored side table

Mirrored side tables can be utilised almost anywhere in the home. Apart from the obvious places like living rooms and bedrooms, why not try placing them in a hallway or stairwell to add interest and perk up the area? These spaces are usually smaller and often darker than other rooms in the house and could benefit from this simple and well placed addition.

Mirrored furniture can complement any style of room whatever its furnishings and other accoutrements such as light switches, door furniture, fixings and shelving, but if you want to try incorporating a few different things like this, they can totally alter the feel of a room. The selection available at www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk can help you achieve this, trying your new furniture and decor together.

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