Mirrored nightstands

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Mirrored nightstand is a new trend in the bedroom furnishing

All of us first think about the convenience and beauty of our bed, whether the bed or sofa, but we forget about such important things as nightstand. Where do you put the book which you have read before when you going to sleep? Where put a night light or a lamp? Where to put a lot of useful and not so little things? Without a compact and stylish mirrored nightstand this is almost impossible to imagine a bedroom.Mirrored nightstand

No one really knows when the night tables have become an integral part of a bedroom suite. It has become a tradition since the Middle Ages, when the gun had to put next to the bed in case of a surprise attack, or «bedside tables» (of course, in a somewhat different form) whether there were before? This is unknown. Currently nightstand has many functions: it’s a coffee table, and congregate cosmetics . Inside it also can store a lot of things, such as linens, books. In addition, the design of some of the bedrooms does not constitute the central chandelier, and cozy lighting created by the lights, installed just the same bed.

Variations on the nightstands are endless – there are shelves, tables, and stands, decorated in baroque style . The main thing is that the design does not interfere with sleep and into the interior. However, in defense of the cabinets is the fact that they are universal and fit virtually any design. For example, a bedside table made of wood and painted in a light brown color, perfect for the room in a modern style, and for the bedrooms, decorated in the style of «ethnic.»

Some furniture manufacturers make headsets already included in them tables. Typically, these «side tables» designed to store clothes. Some night tables can accommodate even a pillow-roll! Material for cabinets very varied — from the standard wood to plastic. «Everyone chooses for themselves,» as the saying goes. The form also varies — rounded edges and sleek now not surprised anyone.Mirrored nightstand

Recently there has been increased interest in the mirrored nightstands. Their distinctive feature is pasted surface with mirrors. It is a bit inconvenient, as such furniture quickly collect dust and harder to care for it but there is a plus. Shiny surface reflects lights forcing it to play in the bedroom!

Of course, to buy the mirrored nightstand eas, but if you want something exclusive and unique and there is free time why not to build this piece of furniture with your own hands? Even if it will finish the old night tables with new material. The perception that the thing is made practically with your own hands give a reason for pride. You can paste over his «night table» pieces of mirrors. Everyone can show imagination and do as he likes. The result will be a new mirrored nightstand, you have created, which is sure to delight you and your family.

If you want to not become a storage cupboard useless things and was also easy to operate carefully thought out for what purposes you buy it. Determine the most comfortable height for you think of what things will be put into it.

If you do not plan to use the mirrored nightstands to store magazines, clothes, or other small things, and expect to use it only as a stand under the light, you should not choose a massive creature with a mass joinery cabinets and shelves. In order not to clutter the room, it is advisable to purchase harmoniously infused into the overall picture of the small-sized furniture elegant cabinet.

How to choose mirrored nightstandMirrored nightstand

But what to do if you are considerably «settled» in the bedroom, equipping it TV to be able to watch your favorite TV shows without getting out of bed or you have a habit of sitting on pillows and reading in the evening? Then you can not do without a nightstands which shelves and countertops comfortably accommodate all your magazines, books, TV remote control, DVD-player and other necessary stuff.

The size and shape of mirrored nightstand depends on the footage of the bedroom and load it of other pieces of furniture. As you know, a place to sleep is not recommended over clutter, because precisely in this room is appreciated the availability of free space and fresh air.

In the selection of styles and colors, which should be maintained your mirrored nightstand, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it perfectly fit into the overall style of the bedroom. It is also possible to focus on that and let the small but important details of the interior. Mirrored nightstand can be a real highlight of the design bedroom, for example, if you pick two of the original version of the asymmetric design for the right and left sides of the bed.