Mirrored dresser

Mirrored dresser – ideal furniture for interior of your apartment

Mirrored dresser

The mirrored dresser has been a staple in homes throughout history. Originally called the Toilet Table, the dresser was built to house cosmetics, hair products and anything that related to a person`s dressing regime. The use of the mirror gives a wonderful effect of shine to a home. Historically, mirrored furniture was extremely expensive, as costly Murano glass was used to produce mirrors. As more and more mirror factories were built, the cost of mirrors decreased and creating mirrored furniture became more affordable. The addition of the mirror to the dressing table produced a wonderful piece of useful furniture that quickly became an essential part of the bedroom suite.

The modern mirrored dresser now comes in all shapes and sizes to suit almost any home. Whilst having more furniture in the room may look overcrowded, a well chosen mirrored dresser can help cut the clutter whilst providing the room with some flare and the illusion of more space. When choosing a mirrored dresser, the style, design and colour are some things you will need to keep in mind. Also consider the make of the dresser, what kind of material is it and will it suit your home? Most mirrored dressers are made from wood. You can choose dressers that show off the natural wood or that are painted over with colour. An affordable option is laminate, which can lift a gloomy room and still keep within a tight budget.Modern mirrored dresser

Mirrored dressers come in many styles and colours and you will almost always find one that suits the style and colours of your home. The range can be almost staggering, so here are some tips to help you make your choice.

Consider the style of your home; is it casual, contemporary, traditional or modern? Keep in mind the size of the dresser. Do you need more than two drawers? If so, you may need a separate chest of drawers. The style of the mirror should match the style of the dresser, but there are a variety of shapes you can choose from. The classical mirrored dresser has an oval shaped mirror in between the drawers, but you can always find mirrors that are arched, square or round. Another style is the panelled mirror, which has a centre mirror and two side mirrors. These can sometimes be adjustable, which is very handy when applying makeup or doing up hair. If you are using your dressing table to perform tasks such as hair styling and makeup, be sure to get one that comes with a seat.Mirrored dresser

Ensure that the style of your mirrored dresser will endure. As mirrored dressers become more popular, they are moving away from traditional styles to more fashion forward options. This is fantastic for a home that is also at the cutting edge of fashion, but for homes that have wooden or more traditional styles of furniture, the classic dresser options will ensure that you can get the most use out of your dresser. As mirrored dressing tables originated from France and Italy, it is always a good idea to follow this classical design; they suit any home and can bring a touch of sophistication to a bedroom.

When you are shopping for your new bedroom suite, ensure that the dressing table fits in with the rest of the suite. Most bedroom suites now come with a dressing table but if that is not the case with your favourite suite, you will almost certainly be able to find a mirrored dressing table that suits you and the other bedroom furniture. A mirrored dressing table provides style, sophistication and class. It is a very glamorous piece and will certainly take pride of place in any bedroom.

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