Mirrored ceilings. Types of mirrored ceilings, their advantages and disadvantages

Mirrored ceiling is very beautiful. It reflects the interior of the room. Such decoration makes us to look different at the world, look at the space with the bulk part. The use of mirrors in the interior is beautiful and mysterious!

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Types of mirrored ceilings

Want to see a beautiful mirror on the ceiling? Seamless mirror looks most impressive. Unfortunately, the seamless mirror cloth can not be used in areas with a large area and even in the small areas because it may be difficult to install it. The use of seamless surface is not economically justified and very costly. Demand is a proposal and that is why designers have come up with other modern finishing technology. You can use the seamless mirror on drywall construction.Celing mirror

Using of mirrored tiles

When you usie a mirrored tiles mirror on the ceiling turns out not seamless and segmented. You fit rhomboid or square tiles (depending on your preference) on the ceiling surface. Installation of mirror tiles can take place with glue or screws which are screwed to the tile surface. After installation they become whole composition and because of this you can change the geometry of the entire room.

We do not recommend you to use mirrors in rooms with high humidity. Condensation and moisture will leave traces after drying, so you will need to spend time and effort to properly care for the ceiling. The wrong adhesive can contribute clouding the mirror, and even threaten your safety (drop the mirror). Therefore, before you decide on a ceiling finishing, consult with several specialists, or do order from a proven company. To embellish the mirror it is possible to put a picture on it. Usually the companies responsible for the installation mirrored systems have catalogs in which are every possible variants, from the banal butterflies and signs of the zodiac to luxurious patterns and abstractionsCeling mirror in bedroom

One of the simplest ways to create a mirror on the ceiling are plastic mirror panels, the base of which is coated with a reflective polystyrene film. The surface of the plastic panels can be completely smooth or have parts (stripes, squares). They can be glued, «put» in concrete or bolted to a surface with screws. Undeniable advantage is their flexibility, which means that the ability to use on curved sections. These panels are cost-effective, but have a substantial drawback is highly flammable, which requires special care if you plan to use the spotlights. Another drawback — the distortion of the surface. To get a good reflection you need to have perfectly flat surface of the base ceiling and this is an additional cost item.

Mirrored stretch ceilings

Many believe that mirrored stretch ceilings is the use of a mirror. In fact, for such a ceiling is used glossy PVC film, which able to reflect surfaces, or rather their contours and shapes, and nothing in common with glass and mirror PVC film has. On the one hand, this is bad, since the reflection is not clear, but on the other — it’s safe for you and less troublesome, because the ceiling surface does not require additional work, such as alignment.Stretched mirrored celing

Stretch ceilings have a number of other advantages over conventional mirror: do not let the water do not collect condensation and mold in damp areasretain height of the room. And stretch ceilings are easy to clean and will serve at least a ten-year warranty.

We have considered the basic options of a mirrored ceiling. If you still want to see the mirror on the ceiling of your apartment, office, shop, choosing a particular design, I recommend you to visualize how a mirrored ceiling will look in your room. You like it? Go for it!