Mirror furniture

Mirror furniture — interior transformation

We are all so used to the traditional mirrors that is hanging or leaning against the wall.

Mirror furniture is a great way to freshen up a room, decorate it and expand the visual. Some items of furniture that otazhaet light without taking up too much space, and the interior will add glamor and sophistication.

Functional beauty transformed into a work of art, with a willingness to reflect the rest of the beauty of the interior. Mirrored furniture will not get because there is a need for furniture in general, but only when the soul asks for something special.

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Fans of this fashion trend say that the process of finding and buying mirrored furniture like safari hunting passion is as good as the delight of owning a trophy. So in love with mirrored furniture is very simple. And, what is most interesting: the variety of these «trophies» is really striking — both in purpose and in appearance.Mirror furniture

However, there are also similarities: chiseled shape and luxurious look. Moreover, both are characteristic of both the elegant classical models, and ultra-modern design. Despite the fact that the value exceeds the price of the furniture mirrored similar objects made of conventional materials — their popularity is growing. The reasons are obvious:

  • their real volumes seem to merge into space, and the furniture is never looks heavy, regardless of size;

  • space itself (due to multiple reflection of light — natural and artificial — in different directions) extended practically indefinitely;

  • having the properties of a real mirror, this furniture is not only reflects light, but the color details are already in the room, so they are repeated and the interior is even more harmonious;

  • even a chest of drawers (bed, coffee table) with a frame of the mirrors on the order raises the level of the interior, bringing to it an element of luxury.

The history of mirrored furniture, apparently, can be counted from the time of the famous Venetian masters, first in Europe to discover the secret of making the ideal reflecting surface. But the massive craze fully mirrored objects began with the birth of the Art Deco, and some specimens manufactured in the first third of the 20th century, sold today at auction for the beyond price.Mirror furniture

Today mirrored furniture is although quite expensive, but it is by means of the middle class. Some fans, wanting to save money, find it on sites like «ebay», although, according to the laws of energy, buy a «strange» mirror is not worth it. So we still recommend to purchase a new one, especially since the price range is quite wide — from the elite to the present readily available items.

Undoubtedly, furniture created from this unusual material, is now also carried out either entirely of whole cloth, or has elements of small mirrors, which can be in the form of ornament or a piece. In principle, you can decorate their own boxes hinged shelves, cabinets, racks such elements. You can also stick shiny reflective sheet on the counter or table to cover the ceiling. All this will help beat the unusual space of your home and increase the visual perception of space and add a sense of more light.

You can easily decorate mirrors almost any surface, as long as they had a portion with a flat platform on which to attach the decorative element. Currently, specialized workshops, you can easily order the individual project and mirrored columns, and countertops, and any other decorative items. For fixing the glass pane is often used UV adhesive that allows you to use an ultraviolet lamp to simplify the process of fixing parts, such as, for example, glass shelves or simply a mirror in the bathroom. Thus the design has a clear, light, airy feel, as under the influence of ultraviolet rays is obtained optically invisible, but very strong connections between the elements. This glue joint will not only securely connect all parts into a whole, but also gives additional decorative collected throughout the construction.Mirror furniture

Mirror furniture gives the interior an unusual, mysterious look. Elegant furnishings in a reflective surface cabinets, consoles, etc. will transform the space, create the illusion of a number of subjects in a large room, and sometimes correct certain defects or shortcomings of the room. Even a small brilliant mosaics or panels on the cabinet doors will improve the interior, and your room will get a fresh new look.

Most popular with modern designers small coffee and console tables, and offered many options for bedside tables. However, not only is exhausted modern design idea. So, Nick Paget proposed a kind of soul-mirror indispensable when shaving or washing off makeup. This unusual reflect you at the shower head will make your bathing more comfortable. Continuing the theme of the bathroom, not to mention the development of the Italian company and Art Ceram, which offered an elegant solution that combines the mirror and the sink at the same time. At the same sink as it is a continuation of a curved reflecting surface, repeating its forms flow water jets.

Not forgotten by designers and small rooms, among which there was a place and a kitchen. Ivy design firm recently presented his vision to solve this problem. Furniture-transformer is always used in small spaces, but this time the designers have gone further and created a special folding table, which easily made quickly turns into a mirror frame with a huge picture on the wall or just a shiny surface. This table can save a lot of space when space is limited.

Mirror furniture decorate your home and bring variety to your life. Her unusual property will reflect the surroundings you see familiar things in completely new. Add fresh solutions to your interior!