How to make mirrored furniture

Do you want your house began to shine and and become spacious?How to make mirrored furniture

Try to correct the shortcomings of the interior with mirror surfaces. Mirror will make the room not only light, but also give it unexpected optical effects.

Allow yourself to «play» with the space. From mirror can be wall, ceiling, furniture, and many other interior parts.

They help to visually enlarge the room or hide the flaws layout and create the illusion of light and space.

Mirrored furniture is today a popular phenomenon in the interiors. New technology of glass surfaces made this method available to every decor.

Mirrored furniture of contemporary forms successfully fit into any style. Reflecting light, playing highlights, it will make the original situation, reviving design and will emphasize wallpaper, carpet or upholstery.

In the bedroom you can put a mirrored dressing table or dresser. And in the living room — wardrobe, table, fireplace or console.

For the decoration of furniture with his hands you can use mirror panels and tiles in the shape of rectangles or triangles and rhombuses.

Take a chance and finished with mirror tiles already available in the house furnishings and accessories  and sense of celebration is guaranteed! To do this, if desired, is quite simple.

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To decorate an old chest of drawers you will need:

  • Mirror tiles (the number calculated from the size of the chest)

  • New hardware (set of handles for drawers)

  • Gloss paint for wood (Select colors to suit your interior)

  • Glue «liquid nails»

  • Filler for sealing

  • Silicone


  1. Remove old furniture.

  2. Clean up with cloth the surface of dresser.

  3. Paint with gloss paint those areas that would not close tiles.

  4. Measure and cut with glass cutter the mirror tiles.

  5. Glass edge can grind float with sandpaper or a diamond wheel, which is much faster. Be sure to wear a face mask and goggles — will be a lot of glass dust!

    And even better to entrust this work to professionals in the studio — and cutting to size and drilling the holes for the handle and edging. So it will be more accurate, faster, and cost will be not very expensive!

  6. Glue the prepared adhesive mirror tiles «liquid nails» for mirrors.

  7. Seal the joints between the tiles sealer suitable color.

  8. Screw the handles, put on silicone, so reliable and less likely to split the glass.

New dresser is ready!How to make mirrored furniture

Interesting option for upholstery synthetic leather with silver-mirrored surface.

Try to change the interior with a mirrored ceiling and walls.

It will be appropriate in any room, hallway and bathroom.

Mirrored ceilings visually lift the room, creating the illusion of a high ceiling or upper floor. They will improve the light and make the room look festive and «elegant.»

For facing the columns, arches and walls can be used as the aforementioned mirror panels and mirrored polystyrene plates.

This material can be purchased in rolls meter width. The reverse side of the fabric has an adhesive layer with a protective film, so stick polystyrene is very simple.

You need to remove the protective film, apply it to the surface and carefully prikatat squeegee. Polystyrene mirror with adhesive layer glued on uneven surfaces.

If polystyrene plates have a sticky layer, then use a special glue.

To create a perfectly smooth mirror surface of the ceiling and walls, you can use the tension of the canvas mirror PVC films.

This film is easy to install and does not afraid of water.

The only «but» — the reflection in a mirror the film a bit blurred. But she copes with its appointed task.