How to care for a mirrored furniture

Mirror is a very important attribute for any apartment not only practical but also from a decorative point of view. The color or common mirror is a delicate and  thin part of the interior of the apartment and it needs care which will not only keep the mirrorer furniture clean but also to extend its original luster for a long period of time.How to care for mirrored furniture

The first step is think twice where to place a purchased mirrored furniture. You shouldn’t to put it in such a way that it will be affected by direct sunlight. The reason is that in this case the mirror surface can quickly fade and crack. In addition to it may appear different spots which are also significantly worsen the appearance of mirrored furniture.

If the mirrored surface of furniture is aluminum, you should not to put in a room where there is high humidity, as in this case, the mirror surface can crack and flake off. At the same time it should be noted that the mirror is very difficult to tolerate dry air, so during the heating period mirrored furniture will prevent regularly with a damp cloth, for that she will give you a shine for many years. Also, do not install the furniture against the wall, as in this case will disrupt the natural flow of air that is required for the mirror surface.

If the mirror furniture is dirty and there are spots on it you have to wash it. You can do this with a special tools for cleaning glass surfaces, and with the help of “folk methods”.

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The easiest way to clean mirrored furniture is to rub the mirror surface with a cotton swab, which is pre-moistened with alcohol, and then wipe it with a soft (not newsprint) paper. If the mirrored furniture is very dirty, you can wash it with composition consisting of two cups of hot water, 50 grams of chalk and 50 grams of vinegar. All the components need to be mixed thoroughly and then let them brew. You can use this solution to wipe the mirror, and then wipe with any soft tissue. It is very important to ensure that the solution does not hit the frame or wooden parts of because otherwise it can start to deteriorate.How to care for mirrored furniture

Another popular way of escaping a mirrored furniture is to use a strong solution of vinegar (it’s usually enough tablespoon per cup of water) to remove stains. If stains are from  flies, you can remove them by rubbing a cut onion, after which wipe it with a cloth that is soaked in methylene blue water and then rubbed to a shine with a dry cloth. To improve the appearance of the mirror surface enough time to time to wipe it with a cloth that is soaked in milk. Using only the simple procedures help to ensure that the mirror begins to sparkle and glow from within.

Now look at certain features and nuances of care mirrored furniture, which are located in different rooms.

We’ll start with the bathroom, where there is always a high humidity. As already known, the moisture and vapor negative impact on the mirror surface, so care for them should be more thorough and regular. For example, the mirror in the bathroom to wipe daily, otherwise it may become darker (this is the main feature of the care of the mirror in the bathroom, because the rest of the procedure are similar to those which we have already mentioned above).

The highest source of contamination of mirrored furniture, which is located in the hallway is the dust and dirt that gets into a house or apartment from the street. In order to keep the mirror in perfect condition did not require anything special. You only need to wipe it with a soft cloth from time to time and use a variety of special features. Fist you need to start with a soft  dry cloth to remove any dust (especially should pay careful attention to the edge of the mirror, because that is where the maximum amount of dust settles). Next, you need to spray washing for glass surfaces and cleanmirroed surface with a soft cloth. The final stage of washing the mirror is polishing the surface with a soft cloth.

In conclusion, need to say that as a tools for clean the mirrored furniture is great variety of cleaning fluid for glass surfaces, car windows washing, and other similar tools. One little trick is that for the efficient collection of liquid on the surface of the mirror, you can use the old wipers with a car that perfectly remove moisture from the mirror surface.