How to equip your bedroom

I’m sure many of you when coming home after a hard day’s work wants to be in a comfortable and beautiful bedroom. Largely on how well and with imagination used the bedroom area, as well as the quality of the materials used in the design, depends on your physical and psychological being.

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Furniture for bedrooms

  • First, determine the structure and the color used for your materials. Try to choose natural materials: wood, fabric, paper. And the color of furniture or wallpaper for the bedroom should be quiet, dim. Bright colors are unlikely to allow you to calm down and relax. You should choose a yellow, beige, blue shades.

  • Central place in the bedroom, of course, must take the bed. That bed, not the couch. After all, much easier to rest on a special orthopedic mattress than on the couch.

  • If you assume in this room only to sleep, but also to store things (and possibly work), consider the zoning area. Zones can be defined by partitions or screens. But if the area of the room is too small, visually divide it by color wallpaper or carpet.

  • In the case of a small room footage problems may arise during the installation cabinet. Therefore it is better to store linens in small drawers installed under the bed. They can do yourself, but you can buy a bed with special places for storage.Bedroom furniture

  • A well thought out how you will be lighting in the bedroom. Not very convenient to use a single chandelier in the center of the room. It is better to hang a few bras in different locations over the bed, over the table, in front of a mirror, ID Thus, you are able to adjust the light level in the room.

  • Very organic in the bedroom dresser looks. It not only can be folded bedding, but use it as a dressing table. Above him well will look great mirror. Put as the fireplace pictures in beautiful frames, candles, figurines.

  • Not a good solution — put the pots in the bedroom with fresh flowers. Odors given off by plants, not always have a positive effect: they can cause headaches or sleep disorders.

  • Psychologists do not recommend setting the TV in the bedroom. They argue that it harms the marital relationship. Therefore it is better to put in this room music system to include bedtime quiet, romantic music.