Bed in the bedroom

Bed for bedroom

The bed can be the standard form of a rectangular, curved, round. Head of the bed can be made of frosted glass, carved, or upholstered in soft leather. In some models of bed headboard can be absent. Many beds also has a special linen box, which is located under the bunk.

There are some models of beds, in which the vent-holes to day linen could «breathe.» Specialists believe that the style of the bed should fit the character of the person. For example, if you are romantic nature, then you will approach the bed adorned with decorative carved posts and canopy. Coquettes to fit a large bed in the old French style. If you prefer a modern version, then you will approach a simple functional bed.

Choosing furniture for the bedroom, you need to understand that it must be completely eco-friendly and durable. Especially need to pay attention to the quality of the mattress and the strength of the lattice. The mattress is best to choose a cover of cotton, wool or linen. Stuffing — algae, or coconut. In many modern beds have special knob rigidity with which the bed can be made softer or harder. If you like to watch TV in bed, or read, then you can consider the bed, which is raised by a lever top. You also need to pay attention to the elasticity of the mattress, which can have a vehicle, or the spring system. The elasticity of the mattress filled depends on the quality of the filler, and the elasticity of the spring mattress — the number of springs in the core of the mattress. It should be noted that you should not choose too hard mattress, because it can cause discomfort during sleep, as well as back problems.

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How to choose the size of the bedBedroom furniture

Often, a person, who was about to buy a bed, the question arises, what size should it be? On the one hand — the beds for the bedroom should give a sense of freedom and comfort, and the other — do not want to pay extra for the extra inches.

There are three categories of size beds: single — from 80 to 90 cm, single beds for the bedroom — from 110 to 150 cm and a double — from 160cm and above. Different length and bed, which for a comfortable stay must be at least 200 centimeters. Also, many manufacturers along with finished products offer manufacturing of furniture. Here the dimensions of the bed are completely dependent on the wishes of the client.

The size of the bed should allow to take into any convenient resting posture. For adults, the most suitable option is sesquioxides models on which one sleeping man will be quite comfortable. But for a couple of the bed would not be enough. In this case, you must pay attention to the double bed. You should consider a complexion of people who will use this furniture. As already mentioned, the size of twin models starts with 160 inches, but some manufacturers can position the bed to four feet wide as a double bed. This is wrong, and acquisition of the bed, without specifying the size can cause discomfort during sleep.

Required size bed you need to consider before shopping. This will help you to quickly find offers a wide range. And no matter what the financial resources you have. You can buy a cheap double beds from AAmerikanskogo manufacturer that fully comply with existing standards-marker, but you can buy a very expensive one, do not correspond to the concepts of the double bed.

Also the size of the bed depend on area of the bedroom. If size allows, in any case, you need to purchase a double model. The bed is a piece of furniture that is not made to save. Especially since the original furniture has a relatively low cost. And the extra inches beneficial effect on resting comfortable feeling, while their lack of will be a significant obstacle to the normal sleep.