Bathroom vanity mirrors

There`s a huge range of bathroom vanity mirrors available today to suit all taste and complement whatever fittings there are in a bathroom or ensuite shower room. Clean lines and minimalist design is very modern in the bathroom and there are plenty of mirrors which will match. It is also possible to buy mirrors which are very ornate, either in contrast to a sleek and simple bathroom, or to match a bathroom with a more decorated style.Bathroom vanity mirror

A bathroom mirror needs to be in the right place to get the right light for the person using it to get close, as it is used for activities such as applying makeup and shaving.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

The most popular shape is rectangular, but mirrors can be square, round or have an irregular curved or geometric shape. Usually the glass is plain, but some have a patterned design to the edges.

To frame or not to frame

A plain mirror without a frame works well in a simple minimalist bathroom where all the lotions and potions and towels are hidden from view. It would also work in a busier bathroom, to contrast with all the colour and texture. Bathrooms with a sea theme are popular, with walls and floors picking out blue sea and sky shades. In such a room a simple framed mirror would work well. This could be plain pine, or colour washed, picking out blue or grey.

Where there are more ornate features, maybe walls in deep burgundy or blue and thick towels in similar shades, with tap fittings in gold, then a heavy frame in dark wood or gilt might be chosen.

Also available are metalled frames, some with a trellis effect, giving a feel of light and airiness round the edge of the mirror.Vanity gold mirror

A mirror as part of a storage unit

There isn`t always room to have a mirror on a wall; sometimes it has to double up as a storage unit as well. These tend to be plain mirrors on one or more doors, which may be hinged or sliding. These mirrors may have frames, but where they do they tend to be of the more simple design. Mirrors can also be part of a unit with shelving underneath, to give them a dual purpose.

A mirror with its own lighting

Some mirrors have lights. Most of these have a panel to the top which gives diffused light when switched on. They can however have a lamp suspended over the mirror, as in the style of a picture which is lit by a light above. Another option for that added glamour is a mirror with bulbs round the edges reminiscent of Hollywood film stars. A mirror with its own lighting can be very helpful, because if the lighting in the bathroom is in the wrong place, it can be difficult to use a bathroom mirror.

A new mirror might bring inspiration to update the bathroom which could do with a lift. If this is the case, a look at Ironmongery Direct might be worthwhile. A mirror will be used every day, several times a day, by everyone living in the house. It`s worth spending some time on getting the choice of design right.