Venetian mirrors and antique mirrored furniture

Antique mirrored furniture gives the interior an unusual, mysterious look. Elegant furnishings in the form of reflective surface cabinets, consoles, etc. will transform the space, create the illusion of a number of subjects in a large room, and sometimes correct certain defects or shortcomings of the room. Even a small shiny mosaics or panels on the cabinet doors will improve the interior, and your room will get a fresh new look. Antique-mirrored furniture

Making traditions of mirrored furniture are from Venice, this is where the mirror began production in Europe. Of the mirror surfaces were made not only frame, but also cupboards, chests of drawers, tables and dressers. Then, in the age of art-deco fashion appeared on entirely mirrored furniture. Surprisingly for customers there are a lot of antique and auction sites where antique mirrored furniture present in excess. Here you can find even a mirrored bedroom sets.Antique mirrored furniture

The first prototype of mirror appeared in the third millennium BC in the ancient civilizations of China and America. As a mirrored surface were used the pieces of polished obsidian. Around the same time in Greece and in Egypt as reflecting plates were used a polished bronze and silver discs with beautiful designs on the reverse side. Several thousand years later, in the 1st century AD, the Romans developed the technology of first glass mirrors. Molten sand was connected with a lead or tin lining. This surface gets image livelier and more natural than on the metal. However, this coincided with the collapse of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity, which slowed down the process of mirror production.Antique mirrored furniture

The new birth mirror found in the XIII century. The first mirror workshop began to work in the German city of Nuremberg in 1373. But the masters of that time did not own the technology to attach a tin padding planar to sheet of glass and therefore molten tin poured into a glass flask and then smashed it to pieces. Therefore curved mirrors were obtained and the image it was distorted.

Only many centuries later, after the invention of the Roman mirrors, Venetian masters learned to cover tin flat glass surface. In the early sixteenth century the brothers Domenico cut hot cylinder of glass in half and roll them on a copper top. They get a clear sheet with a flat and smooth surface. For the effect of visual transformation of reflected objects in a solution of tin they added gold and bronze. The price for such mirrors were comparable with ship price. Production process of mirror Venetian authorities held in secrecy in order to maintain a monopoly on the popular and expensive product. That is why the masters of mirror were resettled to the island of Murano. They had to live in isolation from society, without the right to communicate with the outside world.Antique mirrored furniture

The Republic of Venice was jealously watched for and masters were constantly under the supervision of a special secret service, they were in fear of death and were forbidden to leave the island. Of course, to the people of Murano was cruel, but Venice guarded their financial interests, as the Murano glass and mirrors were very expensive. Aristocrats were willing to pay for Italian products fortunes. To solve this economic problem, the French minister Colbert ordered to his court agents to bribe several Venetian masters and steal them from the island of Murano. The plan was a success, and France had Europe’s first mirror factory soon.
French surpassed the skill of their teachers and developed its own technology for processing of mirrors and abolished the monopoly on their production. A 73 meters long gallery was built at Versailles and demonstrated 306 huge mirrors, the splendor of which should stuned those who were lucky enough to attended a reception at the King.

Antique mirrored furniture decorate your home and bring variety to your life. Its unusual property will reflect the surroundings and will you see familiar things in completely new appearance. Add fresh solutions to your interior!

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