Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture in the interior of your house

Mirrored furniture is elegant, unique items that can be rarely found in the interior. Time goes by, and today you can buy a mirror not only for themselves but also for the interior mirror room. Mirrored furniture can create the illusion of a non-existent situation or reflections double the number of items to correct certain deficiencies space. Mirrors and mirrored furniture will form most unusual «image» of the house. Mirror-panels maden from small round mirror paintings «mosaic» of polygon mirror «approach» and «remove» make in a new way tune up all the objects in the room.

You can use in your interior such items of mirrored furniture as: wardrobes, dressers, console tables, nightstand tables, beds, coffee tables.

Traditional are mirrored furniture from Venice. This is where began the mirror production in Europe. Cabinets, chests, tables makes of the mirror surface. Then in the age of art decor became fashionable to fully mirrored furniture — excellent examples can be seen online at auction sites.

Today the most popular designer items are small coffee and console tables and nightstands.

The history of mirror and mirrored furnitureMirrored furniture

The history of mirrored furniture production is full of drama and is more reminiscent of a detective story about industrial espionage.

Although the first prototypes of mirrors appeared in the third millennium BC in the ancient civilizations of China and America mankind got the mirrors reflect more or less true mankind got after many centuries.

A significant breakthrough came in the early sixteenth century. Were first obtained mirror sheets with flat and smooth surface. For the price of such mirrors are comparable to seagoing ship so the Venetian authorities in order to maintain a monopoly on the popular and expensive item, kept in secret technology of its production. Under the pretext to protect Venice from fire, masters of «mirror cases» were moved to the Murano island where they had to live in isolation from society, without the right to communicate with the outside world.

Masters constantly under special supervision of the secret service, they are in fear of death were forbidden to leave the island. Of course, it was cruel to the people of Murano, but Venice so guarded their financial interests, as the Murano glass and mirrors were very expensive. Aristocrats were willing to pay for Italian products fortunes.

France is not going to tolerate this state of affairs. By special decree of King Louis XIV his minister Colbert kidnaped of several Venetian masters from the Murano island. In the course went all — threats, bribery, poisoning . Of course, Venice protested and even insisted on the return of Masters. But the case was made — in France appeared its own mirror factory.

Since centuries have passed, the production technology of mirrors improved and the cost decrease thus mirrored furniture became available to the average consumer.

That’s good! Because mirrored furniture can bring to our interiors shine, beauty and mystery inherent in all the mirrors.

Design solutions using the mirrored furnitureMirrored furniture

Mirrored dressers can adequately decorate any room at home: bedroom, dining room, hallway and even the bathroom. This representative mirrored furniture, thanks to its versatility, the most popular. Effectively look smooth facades, decorated plates and paintings. Mirror sophisticated console can expand the narrow corridors in space, rather unbanal way. This piece of furniture used as a table or as a dressing table. Coffee table with a mirrored surface is the most inexpensive representative mirrored furniture. This is due to its compactness. Depending on your preferences and style you can find any form of tables.

Another representative of the absolute luxury furniture is bed. But in contrast to the dinner table quietly blends with vintage, romantic and modern style interior. The only thing that is not fully appropriate — wallpaper patterned with contrast and vivid detail, as is reflected in the mirror, they will look overly intrusive. Mirror screen in the interior, not the furniture and interior accessories. May include a special finish lattices, mirror cloth and look quite succinctly.

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